We're delighted to be Lets Travel’s charity partner for this innovative CSR programme, which will allow over 400 children from 6 of our partner schools across London to experience the magic of Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon for the first time. Trips like these are increasingly rare for many children across the country but crucial for developing learning and thinking development skills, not forgetting that bringing a practical dimension to education can also be fun! We're incredibly grateful to Let's Travel for this amazing opportunity and hope that this trip is the first of many.”


- Khawar Malik, Chief Executive

The Apples & Pears Foundation

As a school we believe all children should have the opportunity to experience as many culturally diverse activities as possible. This is very unlikely for schools in areas of perceived deprivation due to the financial situations schools find themselves in. To find a company who are willing and able to support the cultural enlightening of our children is fantastic and the benefits will be immeasurable.”



- Jackie Benjamin, Head Teacher

Tyssen Community School

“I am extremely excited about our trip and am particularly interested in seeing the birthplace of William Shakespeare, who played a very important part in English Literature. I am very glad that we do not have to travel on public transport as it is always crowded in the morning.”

- Mashood, Year 5

Marion Richardson School

“This is such a fantastic opportunity for our children who may not otherwise be able to go. It will involve so many new experiences. They are already talking about it and excited. In these days of tight budgets.”

- Carol Doherty, Assistant Head

Marner Primary School

“A big shout out to ‘Let’s Travel’ for providing Marion Richardson with this amazing opportunity. We can’t wait for the day of our trip. Our children are super excited and started talking about what a great day this is going to be.”

- Anjie Kruger, Assistant Headteacher 

Marion Richardson School

“Let's Travel will give our children the opportunity to visit a famous UK city, birth place of Shakespeare, that they may otherwise never have seen. Will broaden their life experience, as many children will never travel far outside of Tower Hamlets and bring to life the Royal Baird. Educationally enriches the children - Shakespeare they will only have met in books. Travelling in style they will see the countryside normally seen on the TV. Thank you!!”

- Janice Hill

Shadwell and St Katharine's collaborative Family Learning Coordinator

“It will be a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to travel to another city as many of them have never left Tower Hamlets. Going to Shakespeare's birth place will on top of that enhance their learning and deepen the understanding as they learnt a lot about him this year and we celebrated the Shakespeare Day for his anniversary. Altogether an amazing experience, not even mentioning that it's free of charge - we know that many parents would struggle to afford paying for it! Thank you so much.”

- Alena Damijo, SMSC and Parental Engagement Coordinator

St Peter's London Docks Church of England Primary School


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