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There be Monsters. Discover the Tale of Nessie.

Loch Ness, home of an aged old tale that has fascinated nessie hunters and skeptics alike. So why not try something new and super, super cool. Become a monster hunter.

More specifically, Loch Ness and the legendary long-necked sea monster who goes under the nick-name Nessie. Experts say it’s easiest to spot her on a clear day when the water surface is smooth and calm.


Loch Ness is a large lake in the Scottish Highlands that may or may not be the home of a sea monster. Loch is the Gaelic word for lake, and Scotland has many, MANY freshwater lakes –31,460 to be exact.

Some of them are pretty massive. Like Loch Ness, which holds more water than all other lakes and rivers in England, Wales and Scotland combined. Loch Ness is 36 km long, 2,7 km wide and 226 meter at its deepest point – that’s just a little less than the height of the Eiffel Tower, people. It’s basically the perfect place for a sea monster.


Finding Nessie

Nessie is one of the most famous monsters in the world, and she was first spotted in 565 by a monk. Since then, many eye-witnesses have come forward with fake photos depicting the monster, but one stood out. In 1934, “The Surgeon’s photo” by a London surgeon named R. Kenneth Wilson showing a mysterious head and neck brought Nessie international fame. But it was revealed to be hoax decades later.

“The Surgeon’s photo” was the most iconic photo in the history of Loch Ness and maybe one of the best hoaxes of our time.


The legend didn’t die with the lie, though. There are hardcore Nessie-fans who suggest that she is a Plesiosaurus; a marine dinosaur that lived around 205 million years ago. And let’s not forget about the 4,000+ reported witnesses who claims to have seen Nessie over the years. The monster is still spotted today, mostly by locals. Most of the eye-witnesses have described a large creature with humps. Others reported seeing a long neck. What’s really interesting about this is that many of the witnesses were sober, rational people: scientists and priests, policemen and lawyers, even a Nobel Prize winner: Dr. Richard Synge.

Now, stay with me here. If we haven’t accounted for all living species on earth and below the sea, is it then impossible to imagine that something lives in Loch Ness? Scientifically, you can’t rule it out. No one can say for sure. But fear not, monster lovers, if history is any indication, there will be more Nessie sightings in the years to come.

Now do you think Nessie is real?

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