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You’ll Think Twice. The Isle of Wight.


Wild beaches and weird trees – this is the Isle of Wight as you’ve never seen it before.

We all have our special places; but there are so many more to discover – it’s a Isle of Wight state of mind. Here we reveal one of Instagram’s best hidden treasures, the photographer who shows the Isle of Wight in a whole new light… You’ll stop and think twice.

What images come to mind when you think of the Isle of Wight? Genteel holiday strolls along a pier? Yachts at the Cowes Week regatta? If you’re of a certain vintage you might even picture a mass of hippies at the 1970 rock festival headlined by Jimi Hendrix.

But if you’re lucky enough to follow the photographer Neil Williams on Instagram, you’ll see the island in a totally different light.

On one day you might get an astonishing pink-and-purple sunrise over what seems to be an endless beach, the sea and sky bleeding into each other on a far horizon.


On another day there could be a single, weird tree emerging from the mist.tree.jpg

You might see surfers performing acrobatics in huge Australian-like waves,


or hulking rainclouds over very English-looking countryside.


Neil Williams has got to know the Isle of Wight’s astonishing variety of landscapes, seascapes and moods as well as anyone – and thanks to Instagram, we can all get a glimpse.

Yet following Neil is not just about a moment’s escapism into an image: it’s a voyage of discovery.

His Instagram posts include lovely little snippets of information – for example, beside the striking shot of the Binnel Bay Harbour Remains he provides us with this: ‘In 1880 German industrialist William Spindler moved to St Lawrence and attempted at enormous expense to build a harbour. Of course it all had done by hand and shovel with an army of labourers. But it was destroyed by a storm before it could ever be used. I love this spot.’.


St Catherine’s Lighthouse.


The ‘Diamond of the South’ the Isle of Wight. The UK’s holiday island was once a favourite retreat for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who once said that it reminded them of the ‘Bay of Naples’.  The ever-enduring island has year round appeal to those who visit with it’s unique charm and many characteristics not found on the mainland. 

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Visiting The Needles and Needles Battery, Tennyson Down, Godshill, Cowes and an optional visit to Osborne House.

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Photo Credits: Neil Williams ©

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