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Our CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR) 

Lets Travel will focus on CSR initiatives that promote the areas identified in this policy. Programs which further these objectives will be undertaken globally wherever we are present, with special attention on areas surrounding Let’s Travel facilities. Lets Travel will implement chosen programs via two channels;


Directly by Lets Travel 

Through “Individual Social Responsibility” programs undertaken by Lets Travel employees and supported by Lets Travel as appropriate


While selecting agencies (including NGOs or other forms of organisations including educational establishments) with whom we will partner for such programs, the following criteria will be applied;

The organisation or key leadership team members of the organisation (trustees, founders etc.) of the agency should not display overt political or religious affiliations / support political or religious causes;

The beneficiaries of the chosen programs should not be selected on the basis of any political, religious, or other similar criteria, but solely based on their needs or more objective selection criteria. However, we will participate in programs benefitting women, children; and The agency should maintain proper books of accounts and follow suitable governance and regulatory requirements such as independent audit, statutory filings, tax payments etc. as applicable.


Whilst undertaking such programmes Lets Travel Services primary focus will be to serve a valuable social cause and not seek profile raising publicity. Lets Travel Services encourage media and other forms of coverage only if such publicity helps generate greater public interest in the cause or motivates other individuals / organisations to contribute towards the cause.


The identified programs shall make an irreversible or actual long term sustainable impact to the beneficiaries.


Programs where Lets Travel / Lets Travel employees can have a deeper engagement with the beneficiaries are preferred over programs where Lets Travel makes only a financial contribution, unless approved by the CSR Steering Committee.


The CSR Steering Committee (defined subsequently in this policy) shall put in place a knowledge harvesting mechanism to gather the learnings from each program and use such learnings to further strengthen future programs as appropriate. The monitoring process for all CSR initiatives will undergo a knowledge harvesting mechanism, a qualitative and quantitative impact analysis, outcomes and/or program retrospective (what we did well, what went wrong, how can we improve – reflect and act) periodically.


The budget allocations for spending on CSR initiatives shall be one of the factors while determining the CSR programs to be undertaken during any Financial Year. The CSR Steering Committee will allocate funding based on the number of initiatives that are undertaken during the year which meet the requirements of this policy. If the spend in a specific Financial Year falls short of allocated budgets, then left over balances will be carried forward to the next Financial Year.


Lets Travel’s CSR will primarily focus on programs that:

Benefit Children;

Benefit the differently-abled;

Promote education; and

Create truly sustainable livelihood opportunities.


However, the CSR Steering Committee (defined below) may take up initiatives outside this scope based on specific circumstances (such as programs should not exceed 10% of the value of all programs taken up in that Financial Year unless approved by the CSR Steering Committee).

Governance of the CSR Initiatives

Lets Travel Services will have a single tier governance structure to oversee the CSR initiatives.


A CSR Steering Committee comprising of senior executives will oversee CSR programs, partner identification, funding, monitoring and implementation of the chosen programs. The current members of the CSR Steering Committee are given in Annexure 1 of this policy. The CSR Steering Committee, if deemed necessary, shall publish reports with a status of all approved initiatives, including the impact created by each initiative to its intended beneficiaries.


Funding, Selection and Monitoring Process

The CSR Steering Committee will receive requests for funding of programs and initiatives on a continuous basis. Members of the Committee will evaluate, approve and monitor the initiatives based on a detailed quantitative and qualitative impact analysis similar to business cases.

Effective Date

This policy is effective from 1 August 2015.


For questions and clarifications, please contact:


Name:             Chirag Golwala

Position:          Founder & CEO

Telephone:     +44 (0) 20 3500 2270

Email:              chirag@ltsl.net

Address:         Lets Travel Services Ltd, 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH, UK

The current members of the CSR Steering Committee are:

Mr Chirag Golwala, Founder & CEO

Ms Rui Men, Tour Department & E-Commerce Manager

Lets Travel

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